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Many communities around Nova Scotia have been converting the old abandoned rail lines into multi-use trails for the many benefits that recreation provides. We think it's time for Mount Uniacke to do the same. Currently these trails exist in HRM, along the Eastern Shore, South Shore, and through the Valley from Grand Pre to Yarmouth. We hope that our 12 or 13 km of potential trail would eventually help connect Windsor Junction to the Valley and Yarmouth. We are working closely with Sackville Rivers Association and HRM as they pursue a similar goal for their section of rail line. We have also established ties with West Hants and Town of Windsor enabling all the interested municipalities to work together for a common goal.

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Rail Line Removal at Wingate

Posted on April 17, 2018

Mr. Paul Deegan,

Vice President Public & Government Affairs

Canadian National Railway


Mr. Jean-Jacques Ruest,

Interim President and Chief Executive Officer

Canadian National Railway



I am writing to you regarding the rail line owned by CN that runs from the Town of Windsor to Windsor Junction in Nova Scotia.  

I have been told by the President & CEO of The Windsor & Hantsport Railway that he is in the final stages of of purchasing this line from Canadian National Railway.    

As CN is a federally regulated railway it is required to follow the regulations for sale or disposal of a railway line as dictated by the Canadian Transportation Agency.  The sale to The W&H Railway is being permitted apparently because The W&H Railway has stated that it is their intention to operate a train on this line.    

I submit that a train will never operate on the line from Windsor to Windsor Junction. As can be clearly seen in the attached photographs, taken in Windsor Junction, the rails and ties have been removed and an access road into a subdivision under construction on Windgate Dr. in Windsor Jct has been constructed. The access road is approximately 5 feet above the elevation of where the rails were located.

It is my understanding, based on conversations with The W&H Railway, that CN authorized the construction of this access road into the development.    

In summation, as CN is a federally regulated railway required to follow Canadian Transportation Agency Regulations and CN has permanently severed the rail line making the line inoperable, CN is not permitted to sell the line to The W&H Railway and is now required to offer it to the federal government, provincial government and municipal government in that order.  

As you are aware, expressions of interest to purchase the rail line have been communicated to CN by both The Province of Nova Scotia and Halifax Regional Municipality.      

I await your response.    

Thank you,    

Paul J Smith  

President, Uniacke Trails Association

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